3 Reasons to UpGrade to Acrobat 9 if you have a previous version of Acrobat

Posted by 11 Sep, 2008

1. Do you need to share multiple documents that contain a variety of Office files, video, animations and audio?

Acrobat 9 combines multiple files and formats including audio, video and flash content into a new interactive format called PDF Portfolios. PDF Portfolios is a single compressed and organized PDF document with a compelling look that is viewable with the free Adobe Reader.

2. Do you ever need to collaborate on multiple documents in real time?

Now with Acrobat 9 you can provide clarity and ensure accuracy by sending a PDF document and walking the recipients through it in real time. You also have the ability to control the exact view they see so that everyone is on the same page.

3. Do you need to collaborate on documents throughout your company and with your customers?

With the review and commenting features in Acrobat 9 you gain the input you need through shared documet reviews. By using Acrobat.com participants will be able to see and build on other reviewer’s comments which can be sorted by author, date or page.

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