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Posted by 26 May, 2009

Today’s blog post will show you some Tips and Tricks on creating a PDF right inside of Acrobat.

1. You can create a PDF from a file stored on your computer by simply holding down the “Ctrl key” and the “letter N key” or under the File Tab in the Acrobat program select Create PDF from file.

2. You can create a PDF from a scanner that is hooked up to your computer by again going to the “File Tab in Acrobat” and selecting “Create PDF From Scanner”. This will give you the option of creating a black & white document, grayscale document, color document, color image or a customize scan.

3. You can also create a PDF off a web page. Under the File tab select Create PDF and from the fly out menu select “From Web Page”  or use the keyboard shortcut by selecting and holding down the “Shift + Ctrl + O keys”

4. You can create a PDF from a 3D Capture by loading the file you want to capture in the CAD application and hit the Print Screen key to do a 3D Capture.

5. You can also create a PDF from a Blank Screen right inside of Acrobat. To do this Select Create PDF under the File menu and in the fly out menu select “From Blank Page.”

For more advanced PDF creation you can also use the Create PDF tab under the File menu to Assemble PDF Portfolios, Merge Files into a Single PDF or Batch & Create Multiple Files

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